VH-DAJ  (3)   Auster IIIF                       (c/n  373)


                                        Here's an Auster in a rural setting at Hamilton, Victoria in February, 1967.   This former RAF
                                        (NJ970) and RAAF (A11-34) observation craft had first been civilianized as VH-BKK at the
                                        end of 1947.   It then passed to the Department of Civil Aviation who registered it in their
                                        series as VH-CAJ.    When the Department sold it in 1962 it was a simple progression to
                                        VH-DAJ.    It was withdrawn from use in October of 1969 and then restored as VH-DSJ.
                                        It is still current as such and registered to an owner in NSW.   Above photo by Geoff Goodall.