VH-CZG  Douglas DC-9-31                                       (c/n  47501)


                                    Ordered in 1968 and delivered on February 13, 1970, VH-CZG was the seventh of Ansett’s
                                    12 DC-9s and the first from the factory in the “delta” livery.    It would wear this livery for its
                                    entire career with the airline   -CZG arrived in Australia on February 17 and operated its first
                                    revenue service on the 20th.      A few months later, on May 14, a young man with a toy gu
                                    tried to hijack the aircraft at Mascot.     The attempt failed and man was arrested after 30
                                    minutes.     David Carter’s photograph above was taken at Tullamarine in 1981.  In 1982 it
                                   was sold to Midway Airlines as N936ML.  Midway sold it to a leasing company and then
                                   leased it back, and in 1992 it was acquired by Wells Fargo Bank.      On 6 October 2000,
                                   whilst leased from the Bank by Aeronaves de Mexico, it overran the wet runway at Reynosa,
                                   Mexico and was written off.