VH-CZF  Douglas DC-9-31                                   (c/n  47325)


                                            This was the last of the original order of six DC-9s purchased new by Ansett in 1965.  It
                                            was delivered in July 1969.    Danny Tanner's shot above shows it in full Ansett-ANA livery.
                                            at Essendon in October 1971.    -CZF was leased to Air Vanuatu in 1981, and sold in the
                                            US in 1982 becoming N3281N      It was then leased to the US Navy as BuAer 162393
                                            before being sold back to McDonnell Douglas in 1990 as N540MD, and quickly reregis-
                                            tered N949AX when acquired by Airborne Express.   It was scrapped at Roswell, NM
                                            in 2009.