VH-CZC  Douglas DC-9-31                        (c/n   47005)


                                     Here's VH-CZC resplendent in original livery at Mascot in November 1968.  Photo by Peter
                                     Gates.  Danny Tanner's photo immediately below shows -CZC in Ansett Airlines of Australia
                                     livery at Tullamarine in May 1981.  It was operated until 1982 when it, along with seven other
                                     Ansett-ANA DC-9s was sold to Midway Airlines of Chicago, generally attributed to be the
                                     first post-deregulation start-up carrier in the US .  It is seen below as N937ML at La Guardia
                                     in October 1982 in a nice shot by Bob Polaneczky.. It was the first of Midway's fleet and was
                                     named "City of Chicago".   After several other owners it wound up in Venezuela with Aserca
                                     as YV-709C.  It was scrapped at Caracas in 2008.