VH-CZB  Douglas DC-9-31                                          (c/n  47004)


                                        Although second to arrive in Australia, VH-CZB was actually the first to see passenger service
                                        (VH-CZA was reserved fror crew training).  Here it is at Melbourne's Essendon Airport in
                                        1967.  (Photo by Richard J. Maclean).    Like sister-ship VH-CZA it went to the US Navy in
                                        1982.   Ellis M. Chernoff took the image of it below looking smart as C-9A Nightingale 162391
                                        at Memphis, Tennessee in October of 1986.    And, like -CZA, it went to Airborne Express
                                        and is still flying as N947AX. Craig Woolford took a nice shot of it on the Ontario Flightcraft
                                        ramp at Hamilton, Ont in March of 2004 (bottom of entry).