VH-CYX    Cessna 205                                 (c/n  205-0006)


                                         The Cessna 205 was basically a model 210C with fixed tricycle gear and an extra port side door,
                                         and was originally modeled the 210-5.       VH-CYX was the first of its breed to be imported (in
                                         November 1962) into Australia and, following damage repair sustained during shipment,.became
                                         the demonstrator for Rex Aviation.   It is seen above in this shot from the Geoff Goodall collection
                                         in 1964 (locale not known) carrying titling for Tropic Aircharter (Qld), a dba name for registered
                                         owner Coatsal Airways of Coolangatta.             Greg Banfield caught it at Bankstown (below) on
                                         19 November 1962 still wearing its Wichita applied rego of  N1806Z.    When sold by Coastal in
                                         1966 it became VH-UNJ for Airfast Charter.