VH-CYC   Callair A9A                                    (c/n  1169)


                                        Here's a nice shot of a Callair at Bankstown in October 1965 taken by Peter Limon (via the Geoff
                                        Goodall collection).    It had just been sold to Ord River Crop Control, Kununurra, WA. although
                                        had no spray bars when this photo was taken.  It crashed at Farm Hill near Kununurra on 24 April
                                        1967.     The aircraft became airborne at a low speed but failed to climb and the port wing struck
                                        high grass, causing a high speed ground loop and resultant crash.   The pilot was uninjured and the
                                        machine was not a write-off although it was not repaired and restored to the register until the end
                                        of 1970.  In 1971 it was converted to a glider tug and went to the Geelong Gliding Club at Bacchus
                                        Marsh, Victoria..  Nelson Hopkins took the photo of it below in 1977.     On 14 September 1980
                                        it was damaged in an accident at Bacchus Marsh and struck off the register.