VH-CXQ  Yeoman YA-1 Cropmaster 250                       (c/n  104)


                                     The above shot was taken by Dave Eyre at Bankstown in January 1963 while the machine was
                                     in for conversion of the Wackett wooden tailplane for the newly designed metal unit    .  It had
                                     originally been delivered to Air Culture in June 1961.  Upon modification it returned to Perth and
                                     continued agricultural work with Air Culture until it crashed on 20 June 1965 near Narrogin WA
                                     while spraying budworm.  It struck a tree during a climbing turn at the end of the sixth spray run
                                     on the property, the pilot sadly receiving fatal injuries.  The photo of the wrechage below is from
                                     the Geoff Goodall collection.