VH-CXP  Piper PA-24 Comanche 250                                       (c/n  24-1008)


                                     This is the machine in which Geoff Goodall along with four other trusty souls paid a visit to
                                     the Emu Fields Atomic Test site in June of 1967 to view the CAC Mustangs which had been
                                     subjected to the British A-bomb testing in 1953 .   This shot was taken at Andamooka, South
                                     Australia, en route.   The Mustangs themselves were declared "uncontaminated" and were later
                                     sold in the US.     No comment - I just wouldn't want to fly in one.    -CXP is still around as
                                     seen in the contemporary shot below taken by Ian McDonell at Caboolture in November 2008.