VH-CXC  Douglas DC-5                                (c/n  426)


                            I will include this aircraft here although the markings VH-CXC were not a civilian registration at all.
                            The aircraft was originally put into service with the Allied Directorate of Air Transport (ADAT) and
                            given the call sign VHCXC.  In 1945 it was assigned the civil registration VH-ARD.  However, ANA
                            operated it using its military call sign, and conveniently put a dash in it making it look for all the world
                            like a civilian registration.   If proof is needed that it actually flew passengers wearing this pseudo military
                            identity, the rather washed-out shot below shows pax disembarking at Essendon (Melbourne) from a
                            flight from Tasmania in 1946.  Three ex-KNILM DC-5s found their way to Australia during the war.
                            They were given call signs VHCXA, VHCXB and VHCXC..    Dutch reserchers have indicated that
                            VHCXC was ex PK-ADD and this is born out by the rare image at the foot of the page showing
                            VHCXC in earlier military markings with the c/n 426 on the tail, and the star painted over what was
                            clearly PK-ADD.   Photo above via the CAHS collection.