VH-CWL (3)  Cessna 205                                              (c/n  2050148)


                                           The first VH-CWL. a Cessna 182A was registered in 1957 and, since it was out of sequence
                                           at the time, it was probably the owner's initials.      Since then a 185A and the 205 seen above
                                           have carried the same rego (probably as a result of trading in the older ones).  When this model
                                           first appeared it was labeled the 210-5 and in fact CASA still refers to it as such.     In the U.S.
                                           Cessna changed the nomenclature to be the 205 and I have always called them that.  They were,
                                           in fact, 210Cs with fixed undercarriage and an extra door on the port side.         VH-CWL was
                                           formerly N8148Z, and was first registered in May of 1963.   For a forty-eight year old machine
                                           I must say that this example, seen by Ian McDonell at Dalby, Qld in November 2011, is looking
                                           particularly pristine.