VH-CVJ  Cessna 205                           (c/n  205-0274)

                                        Although officially dubbed the "210-5" by the manufacturer, this aircraft is universally known as
                                        the Cessna 205.  It was introduced late in 1962 as a 1963 model year machine and only built
                                        for two model years.   It was basically a Model 210C with fixed undercarriage and a 260 h.p.
                                        Continental IO-470-S engine. The 205 retained the 210’s engine cowling bulge, (originally where
                                        the 210 stowed its nosewheel on retraction) although this distinctive cowl outline was made more
                                        streamlined on the later Cessna 206.   -CVJ was first registered in June of 1963 (ex N8274Z)
                                        and took part in the 1964 Ansett Air Race, as seen in Greg Banfield's shot (above) taken at
                                        Bankstown on 29 March 1964.   It is still current and is registered to a commercial owner in
                                        Melbourne.  Phil Vabre took the photo below in November 2007.