VH-CUS  Cessna 150                                    (c/n  17796)


                                     This 150 had 'been around the block' by the time it was re-registered in October 1965 as
                                     VH-CUS.   Built as N7996E it was first imported in January 1960 as VH-GFZ.  It became
                                     VH-DDV(2) in December of that year and remained that way until June of 1965 when it
                                     was re-registered VH-CDS(2)   .  As stated, some four months later it was re-registered
                                     again as VH-CUS.  As such it is still current and flies in Queensland.  Greg Banfield's shot
                                     (above) was taken at Bankstown in September 1974.