VH-CSI  Bell 47G-3B-1                                    (v/n  6504)


                               The ability of Bell 47s to recover from accidents is legendary.   . VH-CSI was badly damaged
                               during a forced landing in the Northern Territory on 17 Apri 1988 when the main rotor severed
                               the tail boom.   Two months later to the day, and back cattle mustering, –CSI crashed into trees
                               when the pilot could not stop it rotating.      Again it was resurrected and was eventually retired
                               in 2008    . It was with Heli-Muster when David Carter photographed it in 1982  at Bankstown. 
                              -CSI first came on to the Australian register in March 1966 with PNG based Crowley Airways.
                               It was sold to Airfast-Helicopter Utilities and sent to its Indonesia operation as PK-OAI in 1974.
                               When it returned in 1981 for Heli-Muster its construction number was shown as BK817.