VH-CSA  (2)    Piper PA-23-250 Aztec B                     (c/n  27-221)


                                     The original Piper designation for the Aztec was to have been the PA-27, but it was later decided
                                     to classify it as the PA-23-250, being an enhancement of the Apache G.  Hence the c/ns being in
                                     the '27-' range.     Anyway, this one was originally built as a straight PA-23-250 and was modified
                                     to have the longer nose of the B model  in the field   .   The above shot is from the Skywagondriver
                                     collection, via Rowan Hughes, and was taken in New Guinea showing -CSA at a remote mission in
                                     1971.  The image below, also via Rowan, is from the Wendy Clarke (Phillips) collection and was at
                                     Lae in 1964.   This illustrates the Aztec with the short nose and in its original Piper livery whilst with
                                     Crowley Airways.   With the creation of an independent Papua New Guinea it was re-registered into
                                     that register as P2-CSA in May 1974.