VH-CRZ  Fletcher FU-24                                    (c/n  129)


                                      This Fletcher was ex ZK-CRZ and merely swpped nationatilties when re-registered in Australia
                                      in September 1967, unlike most FU-24 imports, which were registered in blocks for specific ag
                                      companies.   John Wheatley saw it above at Armidale, NSW in company with another (uniden-
                                      ified) similar aircraft.  I am not sure if the SuperAir Australia company is a division of the similarly
                                      named concern in New Zealand.  I believe it may be a totally different corporation.  Both concerns
                                      have operated large quantities of Fletchers over the years.  -CRZ, although no longer current,
                                      remained with the SuperAir until well into the 1990s.