VH-CMZ as N5002U  Cessna 206 Super Skywagon       (c/n  206-0002)


                                           Here is the second production model 206* at Bankstown on 21 December 1963.  It
                                           was the first model 206 in Australia, having arrived in October 1963.  Photo by Greg
                                           Banfield who advises that the machine was finished in an attractive blue and white color
                                           scheme.  For some reason it appears not to have become VH-CMZ for Ansett-MAL
                                           until 21 July 1964.  Presumably Rex used it as a demonstrator.  Ansett-MAL used it in
                                           Papua/New Guinea and, as such, it was the first 206 in that Territory also. On 24 April
                                           1967 it was re-registered VH-ATG when Ansett-MAL dropped their light aircraft oper-
                                           ations and sold it to Aerial Tours Pty Ltd of Port Moresby.  On 11 November 1968 it
                                           went missing on a flight from Vanimo to Imonda, and an extensive search by 15 aircraft
                                           over 12 days failed to locate it.  The wreck and the reamins of the pilot were finally
                                           found in January 1971.
                                            *   The prototype Cessna 206 was N3753C (c/n 646) which first flew in mid-1963,
                                           although the type was first introduced to the public as a 1964 model .