VH-CMS  Cessna 185A Skywagon                     (c/n  185-0506)


                                     This photo (from the Fred Niven collection) was taken by Daryl MacKenzie at Mt. Hagen, PNG
                                     in 1964.  The aircraft had been delievered to Ansett-MAL in November 1962. They kept it until
                                     1968 when it was sold to Territory Airlines (Talair).    In 1970, still owned by Talair, it was re-
                                     registered P2-CMS and later P2-SEM.  It returned to Australia in August 1985 and was restored
                                     -CMS.   It has recently (2010, I think) been sold in the USA where it has become N969WM and
                                     is still current.