VH-CMA  (2)   Piper PA-22 Tri Pacer 160                  (c/n  22-7601)


                                    VH-CMA as a seaplane on the St Georges River near Bankstown Airport circa 1972.  It was a
                                    landplane first and I have (deliberately) put these images up out of sequence, since I just love the
                                    look of float aircraft and gave that shot pride of place on the page. Both photos were taken by
                                    David C. Eyre (via Geoff Goodall), the lower one being at Bankstown in January 1966, by which
                                    time the aircraft had been on the register for some five years.   Orignally owned by the Monaro
                                    Flying Club at Cooma, NSW tt was converted to a PA-22S several owners later in 1969 by
                                    Tom Harrison of Sydney.   VH-CMA the second was withdrawn from use in June of 1981.