VH-CLY  de Havilland  (Riley ) D.H.114 Heron 2D               (c/n  14122)


                                          So far we have not been able to come up with shot of -CLY in Connellan markings. The photo
                                          above, from the Chris O'Neill collection (via Geoff Goodall), was taken at Darwin in November
                                          1981 after the Heron  had been absorbed into the Northern Airlines fleet.  As discussed in other
                                          Connellan Heron narratives, Northern was a short-lived enterprise and the Heron moved on to
                                          Airlines of Tasmania in May of 1983.   Unfortunately it was written off in a landing accident at
                                          Launceston, Tasmania only three months later on 4 August 1983.    This machine had originally
                                          been delivered to Spain in 1955 as EC-AOC.   It was recycled back through the UK in late 1964
                                          (as G-ASVB) before going to Fiji as VQ-FAE.   It had been re-registered DQ-FAE by the time
                                          Connellan purchased it in 1976, and immediately upgraded it to Riley Heron standard.