VH-CLO    Beech D50A Twin Bonanza               (c/n    DH-158)

                                    This 1957 model Twin Bonanza was imported in 1965, ex N397B for ESANDA/Connellan.Air-
                                    ways Ltd.  Historian Fred Niven reports that, whilst in Connellan service, on an unknown date,
                                    it made a wheels-up landing at Katherine, NT, after having experienced undercarriage problems
                                    attempting to land at an unknown outback station and diverting to Katherine (pilot Hans Kerfgen).
                                    Connellan sold it to Jetair Australia in March 1970, with VH-CLM, in exchange for a Beech 65-80
                                    Queen Air VH-CMI.   Roger McDonald's shot above shows it at Bankstown in March 1970, after
                                    it had just arrived from Alice Springs to be traded in.     It was noted at Brisbane in late March of
                                    1970 wearing partial Jetair colors, and began operating Westernair (an associate of Jetair) services
                                     in April 1970.   VH-CLO was withdrawn from use by Jetair in November 1970 and sold to a private
                                    owner.     Greg Banfield took the shot below at Bankstown on 3 March 1974, and John Wheatley's
                                    photo at the bottom of the page was a couple of years earlier showing the color scheme. .   In 1981
                                    -CLO went to the CSIRO.   By April 1982 it was based at Essendon and since then has had several
                                    owners.  It is still current and registered to a private owner in Queensland