VH-CLL  (2)     Beech 95-55 Baron                        (c/n TC-153)


                                         Evocative shot from the CAHS archives (via Phil Vabre) of a Connellan Airways Baron in the lee
                                         of Ayers Rock in the early 1960s.  At least, that is what we called this, the world's largest monolith
                                         in those days.  Woe betide me nowadays should I refer to it thusly!    Anyway, this smartly turned
                                         out machine was first registered new in September 1961.  The inscription on the nose says 'Royal
   When sold off by the airline in July of 1967 it was re-registered into the SA block of regos
                                         as VH-UPJ.
                                         Incidentally, the first iteration of VH-CLL was to have been another Beech Baron, the demonstrator
                                         N433T.  Before its Australian registration could be taken up, however, this aircraft tragically crashed
                                         at Longreach, Queensland on 12 May 1961 whilst being shown to Somerset Airways.  The Beech
                                         sales and demo pilot, Rear-Admiral E. Dinning (retd), Jack Smith, managing director of Somerset
                                         and three other passengers all lost their lives.