VH-CLI  Beech D18S                                             (c/n    A73)

                                    This Twin Beech was registered to Connellan Airways in March 1960.  It was formerly ZK-BQE.                                                                                                      It was retired in 1966 due to the cost of a mandatory wingspan modification.  It is seen above whilst
                                    still operational at Connellan's Townsite Aerodrome, Alice Springs in this shot from the Ben Dannecker
                                    collection.    It was moved by road from Townsite to the main Alice Springs airport in 1968 and then
                                    abandoned.      In 1974 it went to the Warbirds Aviation Museum in Mildura where restoration began.
                                    The shot below, from the Geoff Goodall collection shows it at Mildura in May 1983       It returned to                                   
                                    Alice Springs in 1984 and is now on display at the Central Austraian Aviation Museum on the site of
                                    the now disused TownsiteAeropdrome.  Ian Mcdonell saw it there in August 2017 (bottom of page).
                                    Too bad it is sans rego.