VH-CLA  (2)  Cessna 182C Skylane                       (c/n   52866)


                                         Here's a nice Ian Leslie photo (via Maurice Austin) of the second -CLA, an early Skylane, in the
                                         lee of Ayers Rock in the early 1960s  (it's O.K., in those days one was allowed to call it that.......
                                         political correctness had not set in;   i.e. it wasn't until 1985 that "ownership" of the monolith was
                                         "returned" to the Pitjantjatjara tribe.).     VH-CLA was a 1960 model 182C and was previously
                                         registered in the US as N8966T.  Operated by Connellan Airways until 1967, it was re-registered
                                         VH-UPE in July of that year, and is still currently registered as such.