VH-CKJ  (1)   Cessna 310F                                       (c/n  310F-0018)

                                     Cessna 310F VH-CKJ was originally VH-BBV with Perth based Bell Brothers Air Charter,
                                     and traded to WA Cessna dealers Simpson Aviation at Jandakot in October 1966 on a brand
                                     new Cessna 411, VH-KOY.     To allow the 411 to have the registration VH-BBV, the 310F
                                     was re-registered into the WA VH-CK block as VH-CKJ.    The above closely cropped photo
                                     by Merv Prime (here, via Geoff Goodall) was taken at Jandakot in October 1966 and shows the
                                     310F freshly repainted as VH-CKJ but still with Bell Brothers Air Charter "BB" insignia on the tail.
                                     Doug Muir's Beech Staggerwing VH-UXP is parked behind..  Merv's second shot (below), taken
in March 1967 shows the Cessna repainted in a reversed green & white color scheme, in use with
                                     Simpson Aviation's Samav Flying School for IFR training.    It was written off after an accident at
                                     McLarty Hills in the Kimberly district in the far north of WA on 26 August 1967, after which the
                                     damaged 310F lay dismantled in the Samav hangar at Jandakot, later being transported to Coota-
                                     mundra, NSW for parts use by Maslings Aviation.