VH-CKC  (3)  Taylor JT1 Monoplane                   (c/n  W22)


                                         This 'mini-Spitfire' is actually a Taylor Monoplane constructed over a four year period at Geraldton,
                                         WA by local pilot John Walmsley (who also operated Geraldton Air Charter).   Although not regis-
                                         tered until  January of 1971 I'll include it in this photographic selection since it was 'started' during
                                         my self-imposed 1921-1970 period for inclusion.   A British designed kit machine, it evidently had
                                         an impressive performance.  Geoff Goodall's shot (above) was taken at Geraldton in January 1974.
                                         Sadly this neat little home-built crashed into the sea off Geraldton on 4 January 1975.