VH-CJP   Mitsubishi Mu2B-30 Solitaire                                 (c/n  505)


                                      Despite its somewhat pudgy appearance (especially on the ground) the Mitsubishi had an enviable
                                      cruising speed and employed some novel features such as a system of retractable spoilers across
                                      the mainplane upper surfaces in lieu of conventional ailerons.   This was a former Swiss registered
                                      example (HB-LEF) which went to Australia in June of 1971.  An early production model (actually
                                      the fifth built) it had been the European demonstrator with Pilatus Aircraft.     Geoff Goodall took
                                      several images of this craft over the years.  Above and immediately below (# 2) were taken at
                                      Forrest, WA in February 1972 during a refueling stop on a flight from Perth to Melbourne.  The
                                      prop-jet was registered, at the time, to Altair Pty Ltd of Jandakot, who used it on their contract to
                                      carry personnel to the oil drilling rigs at Barrow Island, near Dampier, WA.   On the rear view
                                      below notice the Altair titles and the 1929 West Australian Airways hangar erected at Forrest for
                                      overnight stops by the giant D.H.66 Hercules biplanes on the Perth-Adelaide service..  By 1975
                                      VH-CJP was in service as a night freighter with Forrestair based at Essendon       Photo # 3 was
                                      taken at that locale in February of that year.   Finally, at the end of 1977 it was back in WA, flying
                                      for Pilbara Air Services of Wittenoom WA..  Picture $ 4 was at Northam, WA in November 1977.
                                      VH-CJP was substantially damaged at Cairns, Qld  in November 1983 and appears to have been
                                      stricken off the registrar.