VH-CHI  Piper PA28R-180 Arrow                                       (c/n  28R-30436)


                                  One of  the features of the Piper Arrow was its automatic undercarriage extension system that was
                                  intended to avoid accidents caused by forgetful pilots.  So it unusual that VH-CHI suffered not one
                                  but two such  incidents.   The first was in November 1985 at Cessnock, where the aircraft had been
                                  based since it came on to the register in  June 1968 as part of the fleet of the National Aviation and
                                  Space Academy.     The second accident was in July 1994 at Cassilis.   Like many Arrows used for
                                  flight training, –CHI had its automatic extension sensor disabled so trainee pilots would get into the
                                  habit of lowering the undercarriage.    Some didn’t.  David Carter’s photograph shows it at Mascot
                                  in 1970