VH-CGC  Warsawa-Okecie PZL-102B Kos (Blackbird)      (c/n  209)

                                     This Polish two seat semi-aerobatic light aircraft was first flown in May of 1958.  Of all metal
                                     construction (except for control surfaces) it was powered by a 95 hp Continental C90-12F
                                     flat four. This machine had been allocated (and clearly painted in) the markings VH-CGC but,
                                     in the event, was never given an Australia Certificate of Registration and it returned to Poland
                                     as SP-GLO.  Greg Banfield saw it (above) at Bankstown in 1962 whilst Geoff Goodall caught
                                     it at the same locale some time later May 1963 in a drizzling rain.  Ken Tilley advises that it is
                                     now in storage in a hangar at Warsaw-Bomowo as SP-EFA.