VH-CGB  Pipsy T.66 Nipper II                  (c/n  36)


                                            Although next on the production line to its mate, VH-CGA, this Nipper did not reach Australia
                                            until four months after the afore-mentioned.  It is seen here at Bankstown in 1961 in this shot via
                                            The Collection p7119-0012.   It was flight tested as OY-AER.  In 1961 it went to New Zealand
                                            (possibly on a sales tour) and became ZK-CAP .  It returned to Australia in November 1966 and
                                            resumed its old identity.     Crashing at Parafield, Adelaide in April 1979 it was ostensibly written
                                            off.   However, in September 2010 it turned up on the British register as G-NIPS, presumably
                                            fully restored.