VH-CGA  Tipsy T.66 Nipper II                                          (c/n  35)


                                       This red and white Tipsy Nipper was imported in 1961.  Although built by Avions Fairey at
                                       Gosselies in Belgium, from c/n 22 on they were assigned Danish registrations for flight testing,
                                       this one being OY-AEI.   Can a Tipsy expert give me a reason for this?        Greg Banfield's
                                       shot (above) was taken at Bankstown on a bleak winter's day in June 1963, whilst below it is
                                       seen somewhat earlier at the same locale in 1961 in this image from The Collection p7119-0005.
                                       In 1961 it was slated to go to New Zealand as ZK-CAP.  In the event this visit across the
                                       Tasman was accomplished by sister craft VH-CGB instead.
                                       In the early 1990s it was determined that ultra-light aircraft such as this should be transferred to
                                       the Australian Ultralight Federation register and accordingly, on 4 October 1991, this diminutive
                                       little craft was re-registered 28-0476.