VH-CFG  (3)  Beech 95-C55 Baron                  (c/n  TE-76)


                                  This Baron came into Australia new in 1966 as VH-DMB, and was operated by Muir Aviation of
                                  W.A. Pty Ltd.   It was sold at the end of 1967 to Civil Flying Services (WA) Pty. Ltd of Jandakot,
                                  Perth who re-registered into their series as VH-CFG.    Geoff Goodall took this shot at remote
                                  Manjimup, WA.   It was sold to M.L. Jones of Moana Park, Qld in 1975.   Several other owners
                                  later it was destroyed in a crash at Halls Creek, WA July 1994