VH-CFE  (1)   Victa Airtourer 100                        (c/n  18)


                                      The photo above was taken by Richard E. Hourigan (seen here via the John Hopton collection)
                                      in June 1963, just as this brand new Airtourer had been delivered to the Civil Flying School fleet.
                                      It is seen tucked away in the back corner of Moorabbin long before that magnificent stand of fir
                                      trees was ripped out 'to develop the airport'.   In 1965 VH-CFE  was re-registered VH-CPE
                                      when it was bought back (repossessed?) by Victa Ltd.      After a series of owners it was with-
                                      drawn from service in 1981 and was subsequently acquired by the Queensland Air Museum at
                                      Caloundra where the photo below was taken by Ian McDonell in 2007.   The museum has chosen
                                      to retore it to VH-CFE in Civil Flying School livery for their display.