VH-CFB (1)   Cessna 172B Skyhawk                     (c/n  47754)


                                         This shot was taken by Geoff Goodall at Adelaide Airport in September 1963.  The aircraft
                                         had just been sold earlier that month by Civil Flying Services of Moorabbin to a Melbourne
                                         private owner and retained the CFS yellow white and black color scheme.    It was originally
                                         VH-RED and changed to VH-CFB in December 1960 on its sale to CFS parent company
                                         Brookes Aviation of Moorabbin.       Civil Flying School & Civil Flying Services used the
                                         VH-CF registration block and in January 1964 persuaded the new owner to apply to DCA
                                         for a change of registration to VH-CRB, to allow Civils to use CFB on their new Beech
                                         Bonanza (see following entry).