VH-CFA(7)    Beech 95-C55 Baron                 (c/n  TE-448)

                                    I have not completely researched which Australian rego holds the record for number of re-allocations,
                                    but VH-CFA must come close.   In 1967 CFS expanded from their original Moorabbin base to Perth
                                    when they wanted to get involved with the iron ore boom in WA.    They bought out aviation veteran
                                    Doug Muir's operation at Jandakot, Muir Airlines of WA.    Civil Flying Services (WA) Pty Ltd then
                                    grew into a large organization providing charter, flight school, maintenance, and Reg 203 airline services
                                    from Perth with Beech Queenairs     This Baron was part of their fleet when Geoff Goodall took the
                                    above shot at Dampier, WA in October 1971.   The photo below, from Beech, shows the aircraft as
                                    it appeared when first imported in 1967.  It is still on the current (2009) register.