VH-CET  CAC CA-28 Ceres  C                        (c/n  17)


                                      This shot of VH-CET was taken at Bankstown in April 1962 by Roger McDonald.   The Ceres
                                      was first flown at Fishermans Bend two months earlier on 20 February, and was used as a demon-
                                      strator until sold to Airland Improvements at Cootamundra NSW in March 1963 when its registration
                                      was changed to VH-WHY in Airland's "phonetic" registration series.   The shot below shows - CET
                                      at an airshow at Moorabbin in February 1962.   CAC test pilot Roy Goon is taxying out to fly a demo.
                                      Photo by Neil Follett, via Geoff Goodall.