VH-CDM  de Havilland D.H.82A Tiger Moth                  (c/n  DHA589)


                                 The provenance of this aircraft is somewhat in dispute (even by knowledgeable Tiger experts).
                                 The above image was taken by Greg Banfield at Orange, NSW in February of 1966, showing
                                 it in regular civilian garb.  By the 1990s if was, of course, redressed as a "warbird" and it is seen
                                 below in a shot by Barry Maclean at Avalon in 2004 wearing the RAAF serial A17-593.
                                 However, the general consensus opines that is was more likely ex A17-414. and the aircraft
                                 has now been re-painted as such.  It is possible that the current machine was built up from
                                 bits and pieces of both c/n 1028 (A17-593) and c/n 589 (A17-414).    Yer pays yer money
                                 and yer takes yer choice.