VH-CDF   (2)   Stinson L-5E Sentinel                            (c/n  76-2380)


                                           Theoretically this aircraft should not be part of this collection, the rule being that my selection is
                                           limited to aircraft registered in Australia prior to 12/31/1970.       Since this machine did not
                                           appear on the VH- register until 1997 it has no more right to be presented in my selection than,
                                           say, a Cessna 182 registered in the mid 1980s.    However, it clearly was built in the prescribed
                                           era and hence will make an exception and include this Phil Vabre shot taken at Avalon (Melbourne)
                                           in March of 2005.      44-17643 was originally civilianized as RP-C545 in 1948, but whether it
                                           remained in the Philippines all those years before going to Australia in 1997, I am not sure.