VH-CDE  Beech B50 Twin Bonanza                      (c/n  CH-24)


                                      Originally imported in October of 1958 as VH-CLA for Connellan Airways, this Twin Bonanza
                                      was re-registered when acquired by Skyways Australia in 1960.  The Geoff Goodall shot immediately
                                      below was taken at Moorabbin in May 1963, and the color impression (# 2) was before Nicholas Air
                                      Charter took over Skyways (to become Nicholas Skyways).   The photo at the foot of the page by
                                      Newell Bell (via the John Hopton collection) illustrates -CDE at Moorabbin in 1966 after repainting
                                      with Nicholas Skyways titling.    By 1970 it had gone to SAATAS and the nice lead image above was
                                      taken by Robert Zweck at Darwin in June 1971.  Following several other interim owners, this Twin
                                      Bonanza is still current and registered to a private owner in the Australian Capital Territory.  It now
                                      forms part of the Fleet Air Arm Museum collection at Nowra, NSW.