VH-CDD Piper PA-24-260  Comanche                               (c/n 24-4052)

<>                                 Imported with the temporary registration N10F, VH-CDD has been on the Australian register since
                                 January 1965.  Not continuously, however.  From June 1985 to December 1987 it was “withdrawn
                                 from use” while it underwent a major work.        David Carter photographed –CDD at Mascot on
                                20 March 1971.   Over years it has had many owners, and changed hands again in November 2015
                                when it was registered to a  Gladstone owner.      –CDD was being advertised for sale in April 2016
                                in the Monduran Aero Club newsletter.     The advertisement said it had amassed 4040 hours.