VH-CCE  de Havilland D.H.82A Tiger Moth                     (c/n  3623)


                                    This was the pre-war VH-UYQ which had been pressed into RAAF service as A17-676. 
                                    Upon being demobbed in 1955 it was registered VH-CCE.    It was restored again in the
                                    1990s as VH-UYO, the original holder of that rego having been written off in 1964.  The
                                    marks VH-UYQ in the meantime had been commandeered by an Auster.  Fortunately Geoff
                                    Goodall, like myself, took a number of hangar shots.   Oftentimes these are the only images
                                    extant of a particular aircraft in some of their identities.  The above was taken by Geoff
                                    in a Bankstown hangar in September 1968 after the aircraft had obviously received a major
                                    overhaul.  Brian Baker's interesting shot (below) shows the aircraft at Bankstown in November
                                   1962 as it was being modified to accept the cockpit canopy.   As previously stated, this Tiger
                                    is still flying as VH-UYO.  With or without canopy?