VH-CCB  Cessna 180                                       (c/n  31136)


                                     This 180, seen at Archerfield in 1970 by John Wheatley, had 'been around the block a few times'
                                     before being acquired by Cropcair in April 1967.   It originally had been imported into New Zea-
                                     land in 1956 (ex N3638C) as ZK-BGF.           Crossing the Tasman Sea in May 1958 it became
                                     VH-DMC.   Two years later it was re-registered VH-PRX with Proctor's before going to Super
                                     Spread as VH-SSD.    It was damaged beyond repair in an accident at Gratton, Queensland on
                                     16 October 1977.