VH-CBS   Corby CJ-1 Starlet                              (c/n  N.32)


                                       John Corby, a Sydney consulting aero-engineer designed the Starlet for a UK competition called
                                       for by Rollason Aircraft Ltd in 1964.       The design placed 8th in the competition (although was
                                       actually the first to fly, doing so on 9 August 1967).      VH-CBS was the prototype, and is seen
                                       above in this image from the Daryl Mackenzie collection, probably at Hoxton Park, where it was
                                       built and just before it first flew. . Rowan Hughes indicates that is shown equipped with the original
                                       engine which was later swapped for a VW motor.   VH-CBS was withdrawn from use in 1984
                                       and is in the Australian Aviation Museum at Bankstown.