VH-CBH  Cessna 172D Skyhawk                           (c/n  50553)


                                      Cessna 172D floatplane seen at Albany WA, circa 1964 (image from the Geoff Goodall collection).
                                      This amphibian was imported by Cheynes Beach Whaling Co at Albany in November 1963 from
                                      the U.S. where it had been registered N2953U.   After three years use as a spotter for the whaling
                                      and fishing fleet at Albany, it was replaced by VH-CBL and sold to the Narrogin Flying Club in Feb-
                                      ruary 1966 as a landplane.  It is seen in service with the club at Narrogin in September 1973. in the
                                      nice Goodall shot below.    It is still current and still resides in West Australia.