VH-EDD  Douglas DC-3CS1C3G               (c/n  13922/25367)


                                   The photos above and # 2 below are from the Greg Banfield collection and were both taken
                                   at Mascot.   Above it is seen in March 1966 while being used by Qantas for crew training.
                                   The hangar shot  below shows it in January 1964 after it had arrived back in Australia from
                                   a stint with the the Royal Netherlands Air Force and still wearing its military grey and olive
                                   green camouflage.  A former RAAF C-47A-DK (A65-57), it originally went to the Qantas
                                   fleet as VH-EAO in 1946.  It was then re-registered VH-EBX in 1957 to leave -EAO open
                                   for a Super Connie.   In 1960 it was sold/transferred to Trans Australia for their Papua/New
                                   Guinea Sunbird Services as VH-SBH.    Two years later it went to the Royal Netherlands
                                   Air Force as X-18 (I suspect it was probably operated in some capacity in the Australasian
                                   area) and was then repatriated back to the Australian register in 1962 as VH-EDD, returning
                                   to Qantas as a crew trainer.    Greg Banfield took photo # 3 of it as X-18  replete in grey and
                                   olive camouflage at Bankstown on 30 August 1962.  VH-EDD ended its days with Bush Pilots
                                   Airways based in Cairns, being acquired by them in 1972   After being leased to Forrestair in
                                   1974, it was withdrawn from use at Cairns in 1977 and served as a fire fighting hulk until it was
                                   completely dismantled in 1978.  Danny Tanner's image (# 4) shows -EDD at Cairns in August
                                   1974 in full Bushies/Forrestair livery.