VH-EDC  Douglas DC-3CS1C3G            (c/n  12874)


                                This was the former DCA aircraft VH-CAR.  It was acquired by Qantas in May 1961 and registered
                                to the airline on 12 July 1961. Greg Banfield's shot (above) was taken at Mascot in June1963. In April
                                1965 it was leased to Fiji Airways and Greg's shot (below), also taken at Mascot, shows it with Fiji titling
                                in May of that year.  In November 1971 it was sold to Queensland Pacific Trading Company and then
                                passed by them on to Bush Pilots Airways, then to Air Queensland, Air Rambler (Australia) and finally
                                South Pacific Airmotive.  Whilst with this last company the aging DC-3 ditched into Botany Bay on 24
                                April 1994 following an engine failure on take-off.  Although not badly damaged structurally, the salt water
                                of the bay caused even more corrosion than the old bird already had and it never flew again, although it
                                was not officially stricken from the register until 2006.   Greg reports that he understands that the carcass
                                was blown up on a strip near the You Yang ranges (south-west of Melbourne) in the filming of the the
                                Steven Speilberg movie "The Pacific".            The photo at the foot of the page shows -EDC in full Air
                                Queensland livery and was taken at Rockhampton in August 1987 by Danny Tanner.