VH-BZK    Douglas DC-3CS1C3G                               (c/n  13362)


                                Like its sister aircraft VH-BZJ, VH-BZK had also previously been registered VH-AML and
                                VH-RML before assuming its new identity.  Its Ansett name was 'Anstratus'  Constructed as
                                a C-47A-25-DK it, like VH-BZB, was sold to Thai Airways in 1958.     This machine became
                                HS-TDG and was seen on Don Muang Airport as late as 1979.      Immediately below is a rare
                                shot from the H. Blake collection (via the South Australian Air Museum) of -BZK in original
                                1940s livery at Hobart Airport in 1950.        Like all other members of the Ansett fleet, it was
                                repainted into the 'Braniff Airways' style after the airline received some Convairs from that carrier
                                and were enamored of its livery whe  it arrived.    A shot of it thus adorned appears (photo No 3)
                                taken at Essendon in 1957.      Finally, at the foot of the page it is seen a year later, just before its
                                departure to Thailand, this time wearing Ansett-ANA titling.