VH-BYJ  Auster IIIF                                                      (c/n 333)


                               This Auster should have been VH-BCK but for some reason the bloke assigning the regos in
                               1954 (I actually knew him, but don't remember the reason) decided that all new Austers coming
                               on should be in the VH-BY- series.  This machine had originally been built in 1943 as an "Air
                               Observation Post" aircraft and assigned to 656 Sqdn, RAF.  In 1945 it was acquired by the
                               Royal Australian Air Force who serialed it A11-27.    It was civilianized in 1954 and owned by
                               Kingsford Smith Aviation Services when this shot was taken at Bankstown in 1955.  I understand
                               that this aircraft is the subject of a restoration attempt, but its exact status as of 2008 is not known..
                               The two more somewhat latter-day shots of it below are by Geoff Goodall and show it (upper) at
                               Blyth, SA on October 1963 wearing a rather ghastly cream and maroon livery and (bottom of the
                               page) at Tyabb in December 1968 devoid of any markings bar the rego and anti-glare cowling top. 
                               At that time it was part of Captain Jack Ellis' fleet of Austers for pilot training.    Doubtless if it is
                               being restored it'll turn up in full military regalia complete with greenhouse glazing.