VH-BXB  de Havilland D.H.94 Moth Minor                  (c/n  DHP19)

                                        Here's -BXB at Moorabbin on New Years Eve, 1961.     It was later to crash on takeoff at
                                        Koyuga, Vic on 15 September 1963.      This aircraft had been civilianized from A21-40 in
                                        December 1946 as VH-AXB, becoming -BXB in 1949 when the VH-AX- series became
                                        prohibited registrations.  Photo above from the Geoff Goodall collection.  Following this take-
                                        off crash it was still largely in one piece and was sold "as is" to Ryan Equipment Co of Shepparton
                                        who reassembled it as a display in front of their machinery yard.   Unfortunately it was blown
                                        on its back around 1966 in a wind storm and the wreck was dumped at the back of their yard 
                                        Geoffrey Goodall found it on a farm near Shepparton in May 1967 and took the photo below.
                                        In June the following year these mortal remains were further stripped by a party from the
                                        Moorabbin Air Museum who were invited to take any useful parts.