VH-BWE (1)      DHC-1 Chipmunk                              (c/n  C1/0072)


                                        Oh, wot a wicked shame........The official accident report reads "Struck a pole on landing at Parafield
                                        on 9 January 1960".    Looks like the pole did a right good job on it, unless a chop up operation had
                                        begun by the time that Geoff Goodall took this shot some two years later.  This aircraft was ex RAF
                                        WB630 and had originally been civilianized as EI-AJD.   It was acquired by the RACSA as a replace-
                                        ment for VH-BWD (the second) which had burned after a crash at Sanderston, SA in July 1958.
                                        Upon arriving in January 1959 it was assigned VH-BWD (the third).   DCA said, however, that an
                                        aircraft should not be given the same rego as a machine which had crashed, and it was consequently
                                        re-registered VH-BWE.   If some sort of superstition prompted that policy, clearly it did not work!